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    Completely re-worked order system. · 42e4eced
    Adam Leyshon authored
    Removed references to versioning like B18 and A17.
    Codebase for each version will now be a new fork.
    Added two new debug flags LOCALSERVER and DISABLESTEAM.
    GWP now assigns User IDs for people on DRM-Free version.
    GWP uses Steam ID if available.
    GWP will assign new colony IDs if OwnerID doesn't match to prevent orders sent to wrong place.
    Updated endpoints to use V3 API.
    Updating order status is now done asynchronously.
    Simplified and reduced RW Thing metadata being sent to the API.
    GWP Order tracker is now far more robust and handles errors with updating the order status better.
    Simplified logic in TraderPrime when trading goods between player and server. Now uses less bandwidth.
    Fixed a bug in TryDropGoodsOnMap, hit points of damaged things being refunded is remembered and set.
    Fixed bugs in ComputeItemsMadeFromStuffWithQuality and ComputeItemsWithQuality when enumerating qualities.
    Many more optimisations and bug fixes but forgot them because I wasn't writing them down...